Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


Our Company

/// Our Philosophy

At its heart, what defines Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd above all else are 3 core values:

  • EXCELLENCE - through quality, innovation and performance
  • PASSION - for adventure and the outdoor lifestyle
  • RESPECT - for customers, employees, partners, community and environment

We integrate these values into all of our activities, and focus our energies on providing products which are suited to the unique demands of the Canadian marketplace. Through our close contact with our customers, our goal is to create experiences and memories that'll last a lifetime.

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Our Tuning Fork Logo

The Yamaha tuning fork logo is comprised of three intersecting tuning forks: manufacturing, marketing and technology. While the Yamaha logo has undergone many changes throughout the years and continues to signify these traditional meanings, the tuning forks have taken on added significance. They are also intended to reflect Yamaha's goal worldwide: to surpass customer's expectations, to create a corporate environment that fosters self-esteem and to fulfill social responsibility globally.

Our Brand Slogan RevsYourHeart

Empowered by a passion for innovation, we create exception value and experiences that enrich the lives of our customers.

The word 'rev' carries the dual meaning of revving an engine up through the rpm range, as well as causing or creating excitement.

Like giving power to the engine, 'Revs you Heart' expresses Yamaha's desire to bring Kando (that which deeply satisfies) to our customers and to 'rev their hearts' through the many innovative and Kando-creating products that we make.